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” I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 29. After only one session with Alina, I felt an immediate awakening. She helped me to unblock unhealthy, unconscious mindsets that were created when I was younger. Immediately, I felt so much freer from this diagnosis and as I felt better emotionally, I also felt so much stronger physically and with my treatment plan. I have done hypnosis in the past but nothing was as fast and powerful as my session with Alina. I believe she is a true healer. May she continue to help others with much success love and light ♥️”
Rebecca Ahdout
“Alina is a terrific coach. She listens deeply and provides many brilliant insights. She’s also not afraid to challenge you when you feel stale and stuck thought patterns start to take hold. It’s the right combination between supportive and challenging!”
Sarah L, Marketing Executive
“Dr. Alina Yurkovsky helped me almost completely eliminate stress-related hives and significantly reduce shoulder pain, on the first session that we met. She has also helped me to make a monumental shift in dealing with challenging personalities which used to be so difficult for me. What used to be difficult is now quite easy and it has even been fun to exercise these new muscles. I feel a new lightness, openness, expansiveness and a real shift in many of my personal and professional relationships. I am also noticing that more opportunities and abundance are coming into my life because of how I have shifted my energy and approach to other people and within myself. Thank you, Dr. Yurkovsky, for helping me grow and thrive in a truly new and liberating life chapter!”
Esther T, Human Resources Executive
“I have had a number of hypnotherapy sessions given by Alina while going through very challenging time of my life, and every session has had a long-term, powerful effect. Alina is a such a comforting wise soul, who has brought me such comfort in a very dark moments of my life. She has a way that opens my perspective and a way of delivering the methodology in a very proficient and effective manner. Not only has Alina helped me to dive deeply into my subconscious, but she was able to reach my subconscious in a way that felt miraculous. I am a jeweler and once I have misplaced a very expensive diamond. After having hypnotherapy session with Alina, I woke up and somehow knew where to look for it and I found it. Anyone and everyone can benefit from her practice. It’s more than just hypnosis, but a new and refreshing way of looking at yourself, your choices, and at life. Alina’s work is truly transformative…”
Elina, Jewelry Designer
“Alina was the force behind a complete change of life for me. She didn’t offer “advice”, but helped me listen to myself, to what I didn’t know was there, and offered tools to change my thought patterns. I feel so incredibly grateful to have found her. “
David S, Lawyer
“Although I had been in therapy many times before, when I first met Dr. Yurkovsky I did not know just how much she would change my life. I originally went to see her after my mother had passed away thinking she would help me through the grieving process. However, she has unraveled parts of my life I didn’t know were there to unfold. The comfort level she provides makes me feel like I am sitting with a friend on my couch and I can honestly say I have never had a therapist make such an impact. I am grateful for her knowledge and understanding. I am becoming a new person because of her.”
Sam B, Entrepreneur
I scheduled a session with Dr. Alina to make a breakthrough with my finances and income. Within a few weeks of our session, I’ve already made incredible strides in lucrative pay and an awesome investment! Dr. Alina’s hypnosis is powerful and effective. Her intuitiveness along with the calm sound of her voice will help you achieve your goals. Very effective. Highly recommend!
*"Allie L", Nationally Syndicated Career Expert